What does DH, enduro and XC mean? What about complete beginners?

Which group do I belong to?


Downhill is all about speed, launching jumps and hitting drops. Beginners will practice with smaller obstacles, while more experienced riders will send it to the moon! Sappee Bike Park has lots of premium tracks that are both natural and machine made. DH contains the least amount of pedalling! Sappee has a t-bar lift system to take you to the top of the hill. If you have never used a lift like this, all it takes is a little bit of practice and away you go. Send it!


As the name sounds, this requires a little more. The trails will be gravity focused and made up of mostly natural features with rocks and roots and some uphill peddling sections, Enduro combines all the elements of mountain biking. Part of the trails are the same as the DH group, but we also use the slopes of Sappee. Enduro is fun – despite the pedalling! In this group, the t-bar lift will be used to get to the top, but part of the transition is also done by muscle power.

Rookies/Complete beginners

The members of the group combine the two things – the fact that they are all super beginners and also the fact that the members of the group are just beginners in mountain biking. The group has no requirements for experience or skills. And the best thing we can all do together to explore the new hobby! So sign up for this group if you want to start your day by learning all about your new hobby. You will start learning with your wheels on the flat ground and as your confidence and skills grow, we will take the bikes to the super beginners’ bike park routes. So go with a brave, open-minded attitude! Warning: you will leave with a new hobby 😉


…that is, cross-country, off-road trails and pedalling. It does not include the ski lift to the top, in this group, the wheels are fast, short travel full suspension or rigid mountain bikes. The XC group is trained in techniques and off-road riding in the vicinity of Sappee on many different trails. This group increases your stamina and hunger to ride faster – You will need to pack drinks and snacks for the day, as well as the necessary spare parts for your bike.

Got any questions?

If you have any questions about Puss Camp or require more information, please free to drop us an email at info@pusscamp.com